Top 5 Jewelry Trends for 2019

This season is bringing new trends to the jewelry and accessories section of your closet. For 2019, the most eye-catching and interesting trends are in the jewelry department. Seasons in the recent past haven't seen such accessory dominance, at least not since the popularity of the choker.

This year, be prepared to dazzle with lots of different options and choices. Directly from the runways of the world's fashion capitals, we present you with the top 5 jewelry trends that you can incorporate into your repertoire immediately.

Seashell Jewelry

    The most unexpected trend that was seen on the runway recently was the beach-themed trend, specifically with the liberal use of seashells. Michael Kors, Etro and Altuzarra were some of the brands that presented the beach theme in their lines, especially turning to seashells on necklaces and earrings. If you have some seashell jewelry collecting dust, now is the time to haul them back out.


      This year charms are getting a significant boost because of the influence of the boho style. Charms in all different forms are being layered, both on earring and necklaces. Stacking jewelry is very "in" this season as well, so add as many charms as you like--within reason, of course.

      charm necklace

      Moon Hoop Earrings

        Hoop earrings are accessories that never seem to go out of style. They only appear to gain in trendiness. This year they're showing up as a modified version of the traditional hoop. As seen on the runways, the most fashionable ones will be the half-moon design. 

        Chain-Link Necklaces

          This ‘80s accessories trend makes a strong comeback in 2019. Chain-link necklaces are trending in new shapes and fresh versions. The more industrial look (especially if layered) is what is especially eye-catching. Hermes, Mani and Off-White are some of the labels obsessed with chains right now. Show them off with pride this season!


          Logo Jewels

            One of the biggest trends from the past year, the so-called "Logo mania," has now moved into jewelry. The logo trend was very active last year, but it's now just starting in the accessories department. The biggest promoters of this trend are Chanel, Dior and Balenciaga. Having these three famous brands behind this trend only suggests that branded earrings, necklaces and belts with logos will be seen (and copied) everywhere.

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