Navigating the New World of Women's Office Wear

Office Wear for Women

Dress "codes" for women in the workplace have changed noticeably in the last decade and the old standby power suit is (thankfully) in decline. It can sometimes feel like a challenge when it comes to selecting the right pieces for work attire, ones that are both appropriate and comfortable without being too formal.

There’s a fine line between professional and too casual but it’s probably easier than you think to be on the right side of that line. The key is to pick some quality traditional pieces like a blazer, black trousers or simple fitted dresses that you can mix and match. It will depend on your personal style as to how much color you want to include but a really easy way to add flair to your outfit is to include some stylish pieces of jewelry.

A bold steel necklace is a gorgeous statement piece that breathes life into a black fitted dress, especially when paired with a matching bracelet. If you’ve got a day of important meetings ahead, then professional style is the way to go. For a more casual but still office smart look, then why not add some jewelry that’s a bit more boho that showcases more of your free spirit? You can still shine by adding some simple and bright bracelets that catch the eye but don’t diminish the tone of your overall outfit.

Chakra Bracelet

If you love bling then it’s important to remember to keep it simple and beautifully elegant. Bling can add a stunning touch of chic and sophistication as long as it’s not too overpowering. Charm bracelets are personal, so if you want to wear one to work, keep the charms on the smaller side and don’t add too many. You can always add your favorite ones back on at home or for the weekend. Stone and marble beads in matching sets add color and sophistication to plain outfits while strong and bold jewelry sets will bring stability to color.

Too many rings can be unprofessional and distracting. Choose two or three simple stand-alone rings that are well-designed and on trend, so that your style stays professional. Same with earrings. Simple and stylish will flatter and complement. This doesn’t mean you have to exclude color, just make sure the color scheme is in keeping with the outfit you’ve chosen.

Dressing for the office doesn’t have to be a chore. When you add your favorite pieces of jewelry to your outfits, they’ll liven up any outfit, leaving you free to get on with the business of doing business. The wonderful thing about jewelry is that you can make the same outfit look different without having to continually buy new clothes.

An easy tip for selecting your jewelry is to remember this: if you would wear it to the beach then it’s probably not for the office.

Here are some other general tips for making the best of your office wear:

  • Wear clothes that fit. If necessary, have your go-to pieces tailored professionally.
  • Go easy on the perfume. Better yet, don't wear any.
  • Make sure your shoes are in good condition. People notice shoes. Note: this doesn't mean they have to be expensive, but they should be in good shape.
  • Your jewelry shouldn't jingle. It's distracting.

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