The Owl Bracelet: Fashion Forward Trend or Passing Fad?

Talk about eye-catching. With their large mysterious eyes, flat, round faces, and feathered bodies, owls have such unique and distinct characteristics. Its unmistakable features make this beautiful bird a favorite addition to many fashion accessories and jewelry styles.

And, as it happens, owl bracelets are all the rage right now.

Not sure how to wear a cute and delightful owl icon or wondering how to incorporate it with your own everyday style? Owl bracelets, in particular, are a fun, attractive, and easy way to wear a figure of the nocturnal bird.

Owl bracelets come in various styles and designs. A popular style is a metal chain link bracelet, either in a chunky or sleek set of chains, with an owl charm. A single owl charm is a simple, subtle and chic accessory that you can wear every day. Another option is to combine an owl charm with multiple other charms of various designs and symbols, whether they have a particularly sentimental and memorable meaning or simply have a great aesthetic. Whether it be in gold, silver, or rose gold, you can easily mix and match a chain link bracelet with an owl charm dangling from it with almost any and every outfit.

Another option when it comes to owl bracelets is a beaded bracelet with an icon of an owl incorporated within it. Think buddha beads with a little owl to match. A beaded stone bracelet in a single color, such as turquoise, rose quartz, black stone or white marble is immediately elevated in style with an intricately carved metal owl icon inserted between the beads. You can also opt to wear a combination of many different colored beads with a metal owl design strategically placed between them, in any color from gold, to silver, to even gunmetal.

owl bracelet

For those who prefer a more subtle and dainty style, a thin braided chord or rope bracelet with a small owl figure threaded through is a simple and delicate bracelet that you can combine with your other arm candy. For something slightly more substantial, a thin metal bangle with a small owl charm, or even a stack of thin bangles with an owl charm, as well as other charm designs, is well, more than just a little charming. 

What’s great about owl bracelets is that they are fun and easy to wear and can complement a wide variety of looks, making them ideal for everyday use. Aside from being a fashionable accessory, owls are, of course, also symbolic.

Not only a nocturnal animal, owls are intelligent creatures. They are often associated with wisdom, intuition, and even the power of prophecy, due to their ability to see what others cannot with the naked eye. They are also said to represent truth and are protectors of the home. Because of these traits, owls have garnered much adoration, fascination, and awe throughout the years. Therefore, wearing an owl bracelet is not only a fashion statement but can also be a meaningful symbol, especially for those who’d like to elevate their wisdom and tap into their intuition.

While fashion trends come and go, this one is likely here to stay.

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